Bud Norris Apologizes to Brian Wilson for Comments

Brian Wilson Taco Bell
Taco Bell

On Monday night, Astros pitcher Bud Norris took to Twitter and riffed on Brian Wilson's appearance in a Taco Bell commercial.

He didn't do so nicely, calling Wilson's acting career 'a joke.'

We came up with a list of retorts to Bud, and it appears most of Twitter did as well, since Norris got flooded with angry "@ replies" and decided to apologize.

Lol to everybody," Norris tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. "Don't have anything against Wilson but just didn't like his commercials. Later. Lol."

But he wasn't done. And he might have seen our previous post (you'll recall No. 6 on our list of comebacks available for Wilson).

"Dear Twitter-land, not taking a shot at Wilson," Norris tweeted. "Lo siento. And yes I'm jealous he has a ring. Later."

For those that don't know, "lo siento" means "I'm sorry" in Spanish. And "lol" means "laughing out loud" in nerd.

Norris hasn't tweeted since Tuesday afternoon, but it's nice to see him digitally rectify things. And, in fairness, he probably didn't mean his original statement as harshly as it came off.

Sometimes it's difficult to get a message across in 140 characters. Which is why it's critical to make sure you read whatever you're going to say a couple times before saying it.

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