Buster Jerseys Sell Well

You know by now that Buster Posey is very good at baseball. How does that talent translate into selling jerseys?

Pretty well, as Posey ranks 17th in baseball in terms of best-selling jerseys since the All-Star break.

Posey is the only Giant who cracked the top 20 on the list and there's not much surprising about his placement. Derek Jeter is No. 1, but like duh, because he's the Captain. [/swoons, //passes out]

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper both crack the list and are high up because they are rookie sensations. Now's the first chance to get their jerseys and people are all up on it.

Yu Darvish and Ichiro are international men of mystery. (Also, Ichiro, like Robbie Cano and Jeter, play for the Yanks. That equates to sales.) Chipper Jones is retiring. Andrew McCutchen is a savior.

Only David Freese (12th!) and Yadier Molina are really that surprising, but Cardinals fans are insane.

Actually, it's also surprising that Brett Lawrie made the list, though I suppose Blue Jays fans have to root for something. And perhaps most shocking that Miguel Cabrera finished below Posey and all the down at 19th, just one ahead of Lawrie. Guess a Triple Crown chase isn't worth more than $75 or so, huh?

Some notable people missing include Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun and the Giants own Tim Lincecum. For years, the Freak's been a lock for this list. Obviously that changes when he doesn't pitch well, even though the team is winning.

Whatever, the point here is that Posey's quite popular, and his potential MVP run is only elevating his status. This much is shown by the number of jerseys he's sold this season.

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