Posey an All-Star Despite Injury?

Despite missing the rest of the regular season with a broken bone in his left leg, Buster Posey could still be the starting catcher for the National League All-Star team.

Well, actually, let's make that "starting catcher."

After all, Posey currently leads all NL catchers in votes, according to the initial results released by Major League Baseball.

Posey has 785,314 votes, which is actually the ninth-highest vote total of ANY player in the National League.

And a good 150,000 votes ahead of Brian McCann, who's the second-highest catcher in the NL at 633,987.

That might seem like a lot -- and it's not -- so we can (probably) expect McCann to end up surpassing Posey pretty quickly.

Though the young Giant is a fan favorite, and the reigning NL Rookie of the Year, and makes for a sympathetic case considering the hit he took from Scott Cousins that ended his season, it's 100 percent unlikely that he ends up starting the midseason affair in Arizona.

That's based primarily on the fact that McCann will eventually speed past him, but also on the fact that Posey will barely be able to walk when the game's played July 12 at Chase Field.

Also, voting runs through June 30 -- baseball doesn't mess around when it comes to giving people ample time to vote, you guys! -- and fans can vote up to 25 times each either via mobile phone or at the 30 individual club websites.

So there's no logical case for Posey winning the honor.

Interestingly, if he did win, it would be incredibly awkward, since the Giants haven't had a positional player start an All-Star game since Barry Bonds in 2007.

And, as Andrew Baggarly notes, the last non-Bonds, positional player to start an All-Star game for the Giants was Benito Santiago in 2002.

Yes, Posey will probably get a shot one of these days (knock on wood). Yes, he is the only person with a chance of repping San Francisco this year.

And, yes, this team is built on pitching.

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