Posey Injury Update: Something Is Broken

Buster Posey's injury on Wednesday night would have Giants' fans collectively holding their breath, but there's very little suspense remaining, as his injury is all but guaranteed to be very bad.

Reports are starting to circulate that Posey broke something, and that he has torn ligaments would will almost certainly end and/or endanger his season.

In fact, Pablo Sandoval, currently on the disabled list himself, tweeted that "I feel so bad we lost buster for the rest of the season."

That's not official, of course, but it's not that far off from what Bruce Bochy had to say on the radio Thursday, either.

Bochy told the KNBR audience Thursday morning that Posey was scheduled for an MRI, adding "It's not good."  Bochy said the team was "praying" for Posey and that the loss is a particularly tough one for the team because Posey is so loved and respected.

Amy Gutierrez, an in-game reporter for CSN Bay Area, reports that Posey had a "broken leg and torn ligaments" in her unofficial update on Thursday morning. She later came back on and corrected herself saying it was an ankle. 

Mychael Urban of CSN Bay Area reports something a touch different, stating that "word swept thru [Giants clubhouse] late [Wednesday night] that Posey has broken ANKLE, knee [ligaments]."

"It's way serious," Urban's source told him.

Urban also notes that he "trusts" Amy's sources and the "ankle is part of the leg anyway."

He's right. Also, it's a disaster either way, and Gutierrez used her best source (her own eyes) to report something that's perhaps the most devastating: Posey being carted off in a cast.

"Just caught a glimpse of Buster being carted away with #sfgiants head trainer - he's in a cast," Gutierrez tweeted.

The very tiny sliver of silver lining here? Brandon Belt is going to get another shot at the big leagues. And Bengie Molina could return as a surprise emotional leader. And Chris Stewart and Eli Whiteside could ...

Yeah, it's not that bright. It's not the end of the world, either, though, as the Giants still have to play out the rest of the season.

"Gotta move forward when something like this happens," Bochy said on the radio. "Other guys need to step it up."

And the guys stepping up/in might have to do so for a while. There's no guarantee that Posey will miss the entire season (another young catcher, Carlos Santana, missed the final two months after breaking his leg on a play at the plate last year), but there's no guarantee he'll be back within the next couple of months either.

Best-case scenario at this point might simply be that Posey's going to miss the season but be fine over the long term. While that's not a "good" scenario, it's certainly better than the alternative.

And it's also a reminder of just how dangerous plays at the plate can be.

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