Buster's Rehab Right on Schedule

It's been a slow offseason for the Giants, but, fortunately, that word doesn't apply to the work Buster Posey's done this offseason.

Neither does "fast," but that's OK. "Steady" is probably most accurate, as Posey's rehab is right on schedule.

According to Chris Haft of MLB.com, the catcher began "ramping up" his running in advance of camp, which begins February 18 in Scottsdale.

"For Jan. 9, he's doing pretty well," Giants head trainer Dave Groeschner said. "We're just building him up right now. So far, so good."

Groeschner told Haft that starting on January 1, Posey began adding 30- and 60-yard sprints to his workout regimen, along with agility drills and "mild distance running."

In short, he's actually working out and getting healthy.

As Posey moves forward, Groeschner said, he'll start building "baseball-specific elements" into his running. Things like turning corners (running the bases) will become a part of his training sessions.

"Part of it is rehab for his ankle and part of it is normal conditioning to get ready for the season," Groeschner said. "He has been lifting [lower-body weights], but he has to run to get his legs functionally strong."

Posey's also still hitting off a tee these days. Next up? Soft toss and then Posey will graduate to "actual batting practice."

Hopefully just in time for baseball to start.

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