‘The Franchise' Debuts on Showtime

Showtime's "The Franchise" premieres Wednesday night, and every Giants fan worth his or her salt should be DVR'ing the heck out of it.

And while we've seen some previews so far of what Showtime will bring, we haven't seen the most gruesome part of the show, which features Buster Posey rehabbing his broken leg.

This brand-new clip comes to us courtesy of SI.com's Jimmy Traina who recently screened the premiere and got Showtime to upload the clip below.

Warning: it's pretty gruesome and/or NSFW if you're eating and/or just ate. It's also a little sad, particularly when a producer asks Posey whether or not he'd let his unborn children play catcher if they were to become baseball players.

"No way," Posey said, chuckling, but only a bit. "No way."

 Posey's a young guy and he's got plenty of years ahead of him. But the thing that "The Franchise" is really showing here -- in my opinion -- is just how brutal it is for a competitive person like Posey to sit on the sidelines and watch as his team tries to defend it's World Series title.

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