Posey/San Carlos Rumor Found False

Updated: After a month of wondering, mentioning and quite possibly hoping that Buster Posey had moved into the mid-Peninsula suburb of San Carlos, the rumor is proven false. According to Laurel Street Spy, the Giants have confirmed, "Yeah, he does not live there."

So keep your eyes out, Bay Area residents. The hobbled catcher could be your new neighbor soon.

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Rumors are an everyday thing in the sports world. And for San Francisco Giants' fans, rumors are the last thing they want to hear in relation to star catcher Buster Posey.

But one Bay Area town is excited about a rumor that Posey is looking to buy a new home in their town. Veteran journalist Debra Monroe wrote on her blog that there is chatter around San Carlos that the injured star is either looking to buy in San Carlos or he may have already purchased a new home.

There is no confirmation that Posey is set to move to the posh Peninsula town that played host to Barry Bonds during his formative years. But that is not stopping locals from talking about a potential move.

Monroe says everyone from real estate agents to "middle-aged blond" latte-sippers at Starbucks have heard the rumor about Posey looking at single-story homes on Eaton Avenue.

Local real estate agents say they have heard the rumors of Posey nosing around the neighborhood but they don't know of any agents who are representing the catcher.

Regardless of whether the rumors turns out to be like so many in sports -- nothing -- at least Posey knows one Bay Area town would welcome him with open arms if he were to be looking for a new home.

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