Buster Posey Out Wednesday with Shingles

Buster Posey came down with a case of the shingles on Monday and was a surprise scratch from the lineup on Wednesday. He hopes to play Thursday, but that might be in question too.

Buster Posey took the day off on Monday as scheduled, picked up another day of rest with the Giants off on Tuesday and was supposed to return to the lineup on Wednesday. But he's not in the lineup, coming down with a case of the shingles and getting swapped out for Hector Sanchez.

According to Posey, via Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com, he came down with the viral infection on Monday and thought he could play Wednesday, but was too "worn down" to hit the diamond.

"You feel zapped," Posey said. "it I just feel worn down still. I'm planning on being in there [Thursday], though."

Shingles are the adult version of chicken pox -- per Baggarly, Posey said he had those when he was five or 6-years-old -- and typically break out on the person's face. Posey said he's "lucky" that didn't happen in his case.

"It's not real comfortable, but it could be worse," Posey said. "I'm lucky it's not on my face. I just feel crappy still. [Tuesday's] day off wasn't the most relaxing day off ever."

In Posey's instance, the blisters developed on the underside of his left arm, on his left shoulder and down his back.

Posey said he hopes to play on Thursday, but that could be a long shot considering that he's still dealing with the infection and that the Giants would prefer to use kid gloves with their franchise catcher in the first place.

Additionally, Sanchez caught Barry Zito on Monday -- how'd that work out? -- and is a capable catcher, both offensively and defensively.

Utilizing his bat in the lineup to rest Posey was part of the plan to begin with, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Posey sit out until he's fully recovered from his case of the shingles.

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