California Cheerleaders Return to the Field

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It's the start of spring, but the Friday night lights of late summer are shining at a few high school football fields across the Bay Area, and thanks to a last-minute decision by state health officials, some teams were even allowed to have cheer squads on the sidelines.

Only parents are allowed to watch and they have to keep their distance from each other, but under the circumstances, that's just fine for parents who are excited to see their kids enjoy a little bit of normality.

“We've never seen something like this. Never endured something like this,” siad parent Cesar Titola. “So just to see them be back and participating with other students it's uplifting their spirits.”

He was at Aragon High School supporting his son. But parents aren’t allowed to cheer, as a precaution against potentially spreading COVID-19. 

The cheering has to be left up to the cheer squad and as of Friday, they are allowed to be at the games.

“We've been on pins and needles trying to find out if the rules are going to change by this weekend,” said Varsity Cheer Coach Darrel Franzella. “And, found out at 2pm today that we're able to cheer.”

The cheer team is allowed to be there, but they can't be near the audience and they have to be away from the team, they also have to be at least six feet away from each other, and anyone near them. 

The cheerleaders have a spot at one of the end zones where they can be heard by the team and the audience.

It's unusual - but it's acceptable.      

“Just being able to be here and have like, somewhat finish off my senior year on a high note with my team is just amazing,” said student Emily Kiefer.

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