Cardinals Ambush 49ers with Twitter Smack

How downright silly is this Twitter nonsense getting in today's National Football League? It's the day before the NFL Draft, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll just tweeted, "We're gonna tweet songs thru out the day to give u hints about our draft picks... try 2 figure it out!"

Srsly. Someone needz 2 kck that guyz ass.

The San Francisco 49ers' other NFC West rivals, the defending division champ Arizona Cardinals, couldn't wait for the release of the 49ers 2010 NFL schedule to start talking anti-Niner smack on their various little social networking applications. The Cards' Pro Bowl defensive lineman Darnell Dockett has been calling out the 49ers early, often, and with almost no attempt at subject-verb tense agreement.

"Please tell me when and where and what time we playing the 49ers," the mouthy defensive tackle tweeted, about an hour before the regular season schedule was made public. "Cause I'm going 3days earlier, and sleep in the vistor lockeroom."

That can be arranged, Darnell Dockett. But you should realize that this might generate some unflattering gossip about your behavior.

He was just getting his fingers warmed up. "I don't really care about the new schedule coming out," Dockett tweeted, "But I do wanna know when we play the 49ers cause that's gonna be my NEW BIRTHDAY!"

From the way Dockett types and spells, you would assume he'll be turning eleven this year and he's having all his girlfriends over to stay up all night talking about boys and watching "Twilight".

One wonders why Dockett is so worked up over the 49ers in particular. One Twitter follower asked him straight up.

"They should have drafted me 1st round and they stole my car," Dockett tweeted back.

The car thing does not immediately make sense, but otherwise he has a point. The 49ers could have drafted Dockett in the 2004 Draft, but selected Rashaun Woods, Justin Smiley, and Shawntae Spencer with Dockett still available. None of those guys has made a Pro Bowl, and only Spencer is still on the team.

But can you really tease other teams for poor drafting when your starting quarterback is Matt Leinart?

One 49er fan nailed Dockett back pretty good. "Didnt us (49ers) beat you two times last year?," asked random follower iHitsShaun, knowing full well that the 49ers did sweep Arizona last season.

Dockett just tweeted back, "NFC WEST CHAMPS".

Give Darnell Dockett some credit. He did spell "NFC West Champs" correctly.

 Joe Kukura is a freelance writer from the "Real Men Don't Tweet" school of thought.

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