Beltran Trade for Zach Wheeler (Almost) Done

You'll pardon the excessive posting on Carlos Beltran trade rumors around these parts, but this may be the last one: it appears that the Giants have indeed traded for Beltran, a deal we noted was almost done earlier.

In doing so, they are, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, giving up top pitching prospect Zach Wheeler.

However, the Giants and Mets cannot be announced for a 24-hour period because of Beltran's no-trade clause and the "10/5 Rule" -- 10 years of MLB service and five with the current team give players the power to block trades.

We mentioned earlier that trading Wheeler would mean the Giants have to win the World Series in order to justify losing their top pitching prospect for a rented offensive player like Beltran.

This is still probably (definitely?) true, barring either a) Wheeler being a total bust, or b) Beltran re-upping to a reasonable contract with the Giants after this season.

Additionally the Mets will reportedly pick up $6 million of Beltran's deal (read: the whole thing), although Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that it may be as low as $4 million.

Money isn't the biggest obstacle in the world, as we've mentioned, but it is something to consider.

Also worth considering: how do you, dear reader and presumptive Giants fan, feel about the team going for gusto by trading Wheeler?

Because most folks are in one camp or another -- either it was a grand move to "win now" or a foolish decision to "sacrifice the future." A lot depends on what actually happens this year and long term with Wheeler, of course, but feel free to let us know where you stand in the comments.

Even if you hate it, though, be prepared for some early jubilation, as it appears the Giants are going to have a good chance at making a run as repeat World Series champs.

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