Clear Card Security Entry Helps Fans Avoid Lines at AT&T Park

New security measures mandated by Major League Baseball will be in place this season at ballparks.

The new rules calls for screening every single person who comes into the ballpark, which likely will take more time for fans to get through lines. But the San Francisco Giants are ahead of the game.

The Giants are taking a cue from airports and installing a fast lane to help pre-screened fans get through the lines quicker. Fans heading into AT&T Park will be able to use Clear Cards to avoid the long lines.

Clear Cards are currently being used at airports so travelers can move quickly through security.

The Giants tested the Clear Card entrance last year. This season, by lottery the Giants pre-selected 300 season-ticket holders to use the fast lane.

Signing up for the program includes submitting a drivers license and fingerprints. Each pre-approved fan can bring up to three additional fans, who then either need to sign up for Clear or be screened at the gate.

The price of a Clear Card is about $175 a year.

The fast lane will be up and running on May 1 at the Willie Mays gate. If it is successful the Giants will put fast lanes at every gate.

Terry McSweeney contributed to this report.

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