Close but no Mavericks

Surf contest is a no go

Another potential day for the world-renowned Mavericks Surf  Contest in Half Moon Bay has come and gone.

Contest officials on Saturday were considering holding the contest  Wednesday, contest director Jeff Clark said. But by Sunday, the anticipated swell  had disappeared.

"We were looking at this last swell," Clark said. "It had  potential of being a contest swell, but it ended up being not strong enough."

Ideal conditions would be waves around 30 to 40 feet. Today's  waves in the spot where the contest is held, about a half-mile from Pillar  Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, are around 6 feet, Clark said.

"It's been a really bad year (for surfing)," Clark said. "The  water is colder. This latest swell would have made the contest today, but it  just didn't materialize."

The window for the contest ends March 31, but the 24 surfers  chosen from around the world to compete in the annual competition have not  lost hope the contest will still happen, according to Clark.

"They're all ready to catch a plane and come," Clark said.

They have been on stand-by to fly to Half Moon Bay with just 24  hours' notice since the contest window opened Jan. 1.

"We're still hopeful," Clark said. "We just hope something comes  together in the next two weeks. There's still a chance (for the contest). As  long as the window's open there's a chance."

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