The Bay Area's Newest Rock Star

San Francisco has a new hero and his name is Cody Ross.  All weekend, Facebook status updates were screaming things like,  "I heart Cody", "Cody Cody Cody,"  and "I have a man-crush on Cody Ross."

For a third time this post-season Ross made a key hit Sunday night. He hit a home run in the fifth inning against Roy Oswald and tied the game 1-1.  If you weren't watching closely on television, you might have thought it was a replay from Saturday night's game, but it wasn't. Ross hit yet another homer for his new team.

It wasn't enough to win the game, which the Giants lost 6-1,  but it certainly was enough to get him a guaranteed standing ovation when he walks to the plate Tuesday afternoon at AT&T Park. Game No. 3 is set to begin at 1 p.m. where Matt Cain will face Cole Hamels.

Ross' post-season performance is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. 

Ross has only been wearing the orange and black since August after being picked up on wavers from the Marlins. Ross, a 29-year-old from New Mexico,  played most of the season in Florida.  After they cut him, the Giants picked him up as a protective move so that the San Diego Padres couldn't get him.

Saturday night's win was thanks in huge part to Ross, as was the game that allowed the Giants to clinch the NLCS against the Braves.

He didn't play much of the regular season as a starter, so maybe he is just mroe rested than the rest of the team.

Cody Joseph Ross was a pitcher in high school back in New Mexico.  He's married and has a four-year-old son and an 18-month-old daughter.

He told reporters Saturday night, "It's just awesome to be in this situation right now, to be able to come here and help this team where it wanted to be."

The guy behind the Giants video anthem "Don't Stop Believing" has quickly become a fan like the rest of us.

Ashkon did not put Ross in the viral video that now has more than 600,000 views, so he wrote a song about Ross and posted it Sunday morning. Here is a link to the MP3 if you want to check it out:

See the below picture and you will know that his teammates have a bit of a man crush as well as they welcome him to the dugout.

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