Colin Dwyer, SF State Senior, Is Local Hopeful at Mavericks

23-year old Pacifica native earned Mavericks invite

Other names are bigger, and perhaps other surfers are better.

But Colin Dwyer doesn't care -- Mavericks is in his backyard, and as far as the 23-year-old surfing pro is concerned, he's the local favorite.

Dwyer, of Pacifica, has surfed every spot on the Bay Area's coast since he was a young lad, and that includes the spots at Mavericks, according to the Golden Gate Xpress.

The competition window for the notorious big wave competition opened up in November, which means surfers from all over the world could be called to surf the biggest waves at any time -- with 24 hours' notice.

At least Dwyer won't have to go far.

A decade ago, his father -- who was invited to surf Mavericks in 2001 -- surprised his son by having them paddle out to tackle the famed break.

He's also pretty darn good in small conditions.

Since then, Dwyer the younger has competed in Association of Surfing Professionals events to earn the chops to garner an invite.

"I’ve surfed the place more than a lot of guys on the list," Dwyer told the Xpress in an interview. "I am the most local person in the contest... I think time spent out there gives me an advantage."

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