Colin Kaepernick Makes GQ Cover

The off-season off-the-field hype of 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick keeps piling on.

The latest coverage came in the form of a national magazine cover. Kaepernick is the main bar story for GQ.

The article's headline: Can the tatted-up phenom who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl keep it coming?

It's part profile, part photo shoot. Each of the eight photographs in the attached gallery describes his wardrobe and names the designer.

Click here for GQ photo shoot.

The writer doesn't really break any new ground as he questions Kaepernick about his tattoos, his adoptive family and his choice of football over baseball, even through he was recruited for both.

Kaepernick clearly sees football as more of a team effort, saying there is no other sport where you rely on your teammates as much.

"Do you know what that feels like, to know those guys have my back and not worry about that? I couldn't feel any of that as a pitcher. On the mound it was just me and the batter. And the questions were all about me: What can I do to throw him off? What can I do to beat him? But there was not that trust, that feeling of relying on others and others relying on you. That feeling of 'It's just you'— I didn't like that," Kaepernick told GQ.

Kaepernick has come a long way from his first post-game press conference. His responses were so short, beat reporters counted the words.

Now, the Super Bowl quarterback fills pages. 

 The magazine with Kaepernick on the cover will hit newsstands next week.  

The magazine also posted a video with the GQ QB:

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