Colin Kaepernick Rebuffs Birth Mother's Efforts to Get in Touch

Heidi Russo gave up future NFL star for adoption at 19

San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick has resisted efforts by his birth mother to establish a relationship, according to reports.

Heidi Russo was 19 when she gave up her six-week old son for adoption, according to Yahoo sports. The boy was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick and raised in California's Central Valley.

Kaepernick is very devoted to his adoptive family and is "not... interested in meeting in person with Russo," the Bay Area News Group reported.

Russo went to Nevada to see some of her son's college games, and has exchanged messages with her son on Twitter. She also used to exchange correspondence with the Kaepernicks, but that stopped when Colin turned 6 or 7, Yahoo reported.

Russo took her eight-year old son to a 49ers-Broncos preseason game in Denver in August. She met up with the Kaepernicks, but not with Colin.

"I watch him now and I see how happy he is and I'm thrilled for him," Russo told Yahoo Sports' Jason Cole. She added that "I have to respect" his decision not to meet, according to reports.

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