Colin Kaepernick's Birth Mom Watched Denver Debacle, Still Not in QB's Life

Heidi Russo, who gave Colin Kaepernick up for adoption, lives in Denver

Heidi Russo is a mom of two, and persona non grata with one.

Russo gave birth to a boy named Colin on Nov. 3, 1987. Five weeks later, she gave that child to a family who raised him in Turlock with the last name of Kaepernick.

Now, almost 20 years after asking the family to stop sending her updates about the boy's path through life without her, Russo has a second son and is also a co-founder of Three Strands, a nonprofit for birth moms – that is, women who surrender their kids for adoption, the Denver Post reported.

This isn't necessarily sitting well with Kaepernick. The quarterback sees his mother as Teresa Kaepernick, and so devoted is local media to Colin's wishes that the San Francisco Chronicle didn't even see fit to print Russo's name.

According to the Chron, Kap is "angry and offended" when Russo speaks out, and "wants nothing to do with her."

Meanwhile, he has at least two fans in the Denver area,  including a half-brother named Michael, who's also a football player.

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