Giant Welcome Home at AT&T

Die hard Giants fans come to AT&T Park to cheer on the team Sunday

The San Francisco Giants got an unexpected welcome home from a loud group of loyal fans Sunday afternoon.  The crowd didn't let a little rain keep them from cheering their teams National League Championship victory in Philadelphia.

Several of the players interacted with the fans after they got off of the team buses.

Pitcher Matt Cain ran into the crowd giving fans high fives. "This is awesome!" Cain told reporters as he held a flip camera to record the event for himself.

Freddy Sanchez did a high five walk to the faithful as well.

Manager Bruce Bochy said the site of the gathered fans was "thrilling" as the team bus rounded King Street.

The group of several hundred on hand included a special group of children who held a "Welcome Pappy" sign. Pappy for this group was their dad Juan Uribe, who scored the winning run Saturday night.

Instead of taking a red-eye flight home following last night's huge win in Philadelphia, the San Franciso Giants stayed the night in Philly and did not return to AT&T Park until around 5 p.m.

The players were allowed to sleep in Sunday and didn't take off from their hotel until lunchtime. Let's just say they might have been up a little late last night.

The team flew home on a Delta flight into SFO.  The airport allowed them to get on to a bus outside the public spotlight so they could get to AT&T Park quickly.

Giants fans also packed the team's official Dugout Stores. NBC Bay Area's Lisa Kim said she saw 100 people waiting outside the dugout store at the Stanford mall and that is also true at other dugout stores, including the one at AT&T Park.  Fans have been milling around AT&T all day as they anticipate the arrival of their World Series-bound team.

Because of the rain, the players will be allowed to return home for the rest of the night and will come back for a light practice Monday.

Game No. 1 of the World Series against the Texas Rangers will begin at 4:57 p.m. Wednesday.

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