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‘Cookies & Whip/Nae Nae:' Steph Curry Tells ESPN What a Riley-Kanye Ticket Would Do For America, Credits New Toilet For Success

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry revealed what it would be like to have Riley Curry as president in a Q&A with ESPN’s Sam Alipour.

Final question: How long until Baby Riley is our president?

Curry: [Laughs] "As soon as she's eligible. Her platform will be more cookies for everybody, plus free Whip/Nae Nae instructions. And everybody would be required to know, word for word, the lines to that Disney movie Descendants. That would be the pledge of allegiance, or maybe the national anthem. I'd vote for her, especially if Kanye's on the ticket. It'd be a fun country."

As for that new automated toilet his wife, Ayesha, got him, Curry said it “just makes me happy in life.”

“And when you're happy, you play better. I bet if I did a case study on my performance since I got the toilet, you'd see the difference,” he said. "I was in Minnesota when Ayesha told me about it. And the next day I had 46 [points]. There's a reason for that. I was very happy."

ESPN caught up with Curry at the Reboot Float Spa in San Francisco, currently a regular part of his training regimen. So what exactly does floating around in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt do for the basketball god?

“It's an opportunity to relax, for one. And it obviously has some physical benefits as well, with [the magnesium in] the salt, being able to relax those sore muscles,” Curry told ESPN. “But to get away from the demands and all the stimuli we have in the world and in our lives, that was the main draw. When I get in the tank, I lean back, try to take a couple of deep breaths, ground myself and commence the floating. Then it's just me and my thoughts for an hour, playing Russian roulette of the mind."

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