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Chip Kelly Discusses 49ers' Future Daily With Trent Baalke



    Chip Kelly Discusses 49ers' Future Daily With Trent Baalke
    Matt Maiocco
    Chip Kelly discusses 49ers' future daily with Trent Baalke

    SANTA CLARA – Coach Chip Kelly on Wednesday said he speaks daily with 49ers general manager Trent Baalke about what needs to be done to get the team back to a competitive level in the future.

    “We’ve had conversations like that,” said Kelly, whose team is on seven-game losing streak entering Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. “We talk daily. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or the end of the day. Before we leave, we’ll get together.”

    Baalke typically travels every week to scout college prospects in person. He was at the 49ers team offices on Wednesday. On a usual week, he will travel Wednesday evening to watch a Thursday game. He will also regularly scout a Saturday game and join the team – on the road or at home – to watch the 49ers play.

    “Trent does a good job of when you’re not watching the tape in your office, you’re actually out at the colleges,” Kelly said. “You’re getting more background information on the individual player that you’re looking at.

    “If anything occurs here, He’s only a phone call away, so If something we’re to happen, we could have a conversation.”

    The 49ers personnel department has worked out a system in which at least Baalke or assistant general manager Tom Gamble is in the building during the week, Kelly said.

    “The unique combination of whenever Trent is not here, Tommy Gamble is here,” Kelly said. “And whenever Tommy Gamble is not here, Trent is here. So I think they worked out a really good schedule from that standpoint.”