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Sharks' DeBoer: 'Nothing More Important' Than Freedom to Express



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    Sharks' DeBoer: 'Nothing more important' than freedom to express

    Sharks coach Peter DeBoer on Friday was asked about the ongoing Colin Kaepernick anthem protest movement that has made headlines the past few weeks.

    "I went to law school so freedom of speech is one of the things they teach you on the first day," said DeBoer, who has law degrees from the University of Windsor and University of Detroit. "Whether or not it would be my choice to express myself that way – there's nothing more important than the freedom to express yourself, and that's what this country is built on."

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    And if one of his players wanted to protest the anthem?

    "For me, nothing is more important than [freedom]. There's all kinds of different ways to do it. You can't give someone the freedom and then tell them when or how they can do it. It doesn't make sense. That's everyone's personal choice."

    The Sharks' first preseason action comes on Tuesday at home against Vancouver.