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Draymond Green Rips NBA's 'pointless' Last Two Minutes Report



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    Draymond Green rips NBA's 'pointless' Last Two Minutes report

    OAKLAND -- The Warriors continue to be unimpressed with NBA's Last Two Minutes report, which is an attempt to provide a measure of transparency.

    Draymond Green made his feelings known Wednesday, in the wake of the league announcing Tuesday that the crew officiating the Warriors-Cavaliers game on Christmas Day missed four calls in the final two minutes of a 99-92 Warriors win.

    The crew, according to the report, missed three fouls committed by Kevin Durant on LeBron James and one foul committed by James on Green.

    "It's very pointless," Green said after the Warriors' morning shootaround. "It makes no sense. LeBron can't go back and get the play over and get two free throws. So who does it help?"

    The second and third of the missed fouls by Durant came on the same play, as James drove into the paint Durant fouled him on the drive and again during James' shot attempt. The subject came up after the game, with James saying he was fouled but nothing could be done and Durant saying on Monday it's a discussion best suited for people playing basketball at a 24-Hour Fitness center.

    "I understand it, especially because the fans want to know," Durant said Wednesday. "They want to get confirmation on what they thought happened during the game. So I understand what it's about.

    "But it doesn't change the outcome. It doesn't change what happens throughout the rest of the game. It's more than just two minutes in a basketball game. But I can see why they . . . came up with that report. I understand. It's a physical game and they can miss some calls late in the game. I understand. But it doesn't change the outcome and it doesn't change how both teams view that game."

    Warriors coach Steve Kerr has long made apparent his feelings about the L2M report, most pointedly last year when the Cavs came back to beat the Warriors on Christmas Day in Cleveland. That report stated the Cavs benefitted from two late calls that should not have been made.

    "I'm not a huge fan of the two-minute report myself," Kerr said at the time. "It does put the refs in a tough spot. I don't know what it accomplishes, but I do appreciate that the league is trying to be transparent about what they're looking at, and how the refs are judged and all that. But I'm not sure to what extent it really helps anybody."

    The most frustrating aspect for officials is that it highlights their deficiency. The most frustrating part for players and coaches is that nothing can be changed.

    Green cites yet another reason why the report, issued daily, seems pointless.

    "Why would you just judge the last two minutes of the game?" he said. "What about the call that was missed in the first quarter? What about the call that was missed in the third quarter? That call could've started a whole run for them and change the entire game."