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In Acting Debut, Steph Curry Jokes About 'Mile High Club' With Ayesha



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    In acting debut, Steph Curry jokes about 'Mile High Club' with Ayesha

    On Sunday night, Steph Curry made his acting debut.

    The two-time champion and two-time MVP appeared in the Season 3 premiere of "Ballers" on HBO.

    How was Curry involved?

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    As he and his wife Ayesha walk on the runway towards a private jet (an Under Armour jet), he had the following phone conversation with the character played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Spencer Strasmore):

    Strasmore: "Steph Curry, the baby-faced assassin, what's going on brother?"

    Steph Curry: "Wad up Spency-Spence, Spency-boo, what's going on? Hey, me and Ayesha got a couple days off. We're going down to The Albany in The Bahamas."

    Ayesha Curry: "Hey Spence. Grab a girl, come with us."

    Strasmore: "Hey, well I'll tell you right now Ayesha I'm a little light on travel companions these days."

    Ayesha Curry: "Spence, don't play me. You know I saw you on your game the other night at International Smoke -- buy one get one hot wing Tuesday, or in your case hot girl Tuesday."

    Steph Curry: "Ha. Gotcha. Nothing gets past my girl at that restaurant Spence."

    Strasmore: "I heard that, but brother, listen, I am in timeout. It's a very sad, but true story."

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    Steph Curry: "Hey, well listen. We'll be in Miami for the night -- we should get together and do something."

    Strasmore: "Would love to. Name the time and place."

    Steph Curry: "We could even talk some business, too. You know, my Slyce digital media company."

    Strasmore: "Love it. I'm beyond excited. I will see you tonight. You hit me when you touch down. Safe travels."

    Steph then looks at Ayesha and says:

    "You thought it was a date night. I'm trying to get you in the Mile High Club," as he points at the plane and they prepare to walk up the stairs.

    Ayesha's reaction...

    A laugh and "Oh my God..."