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Steph Curry No Longer Shares Best Odds of Winning 2017 MVP



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    CSN Bay Area staff
    Steph Curry no longer shares best odds of winning 2017 MVP

    Russell Westbrook finished fourth in the MVP voting last year.

    According to the oddsmakers, he has the best chance to capture the award next season.

    Westbrook (2/1) is ahead of Steph Curry (4/1), LeBron James (5/1) and Kevin Durant (12/1).

    Less than two weeks ago, Curry and Westbrook shared the best odds at 15/4.

    Westbrook recently inked a contract extension with the Thunder.

    Klay Thompson, who scored 30 points in Team USA's win over France on Sunday, is still not among the 36 players listed.

    Russell Westbrook 2/1
    Steph Curry 4/1
    LeBron James 5/1
    Kevin Durant 12/1
    Anthony Davis 16/1
    Kawhi Leonard 16/1
    James Harden 16/1
    Paul George 22/1
    Blake Griffin 28/1
    Damian Lillard 28/1
    Kyrie Irving 33/1
    DeMarcus Cousins 33/1
    Chris Paul 33/1
    Carmelo Anthony 33/1
    Giannis Anteteokounmpo 33/1
    Karl-Anthony Towns 50/1
    Draymond Green 50/1
    John Wall 50/1
    Isaiah Thomas 66/1
    Kyle Lowry 66/1
    LaMarcus Aldridge 100/1
    Dwyane Wade 100/1
    DeMar DeRozan 100/1
    Hassan Whiteside 100/1
    Jimmy Butler 100/1
    Derrick Rose 100/1
    Andre Drummond 125/1
    Andrew Wiggins 125/1
    Bradley Beal 125/1
    Kevin Love 175/1
    Gordon Hayward 175/1
    Dwight Howard 200/1
    Kristaps Porzingis 300/1
    Brandon Ingram 300/1
    Dirk Nowitzki 300/1
    Ben Simmons 300/1