Daughter of Former Cowboys Player Found Shot Dead

Dallas police are investigating the shooting death of Sharneen “Shawn” Norman, the daughter of former famed Dallas Cowboys player Pettis Norman.

Norman said he and his daughter are incredibly close and after not hearing from her for several days, had asked police to enter her apartment at the DP&L Flats in downtown Dallas.

Once inside investigators found Norman dead from a gunshot wound. Police are calling it a homicide.

In an interview with NBC 5, Pettis Norman worked to keep his composure while describing the phone call he received from police.

"He said, 'I really shouldn’t do this over the phone, but we’re in here and she’s here. She’s deceased,'" Norman said. “My world….” Norman trailed off.

Norman said his daughter had recently moved back to Texas from New York where she worked as a music executive for a record company. Now living in Dallas, Shawn Norman was working for her family business.

"She was my first baby. We had a great relationship. From the moment she was born, she was a daddy’s baby," Pettis Norman said fondly of his daughter.

"I want them to know she was a loving person. She loved to have fun with people, laugh with people. She had a big laugh," he said.

Investigators are releasing little information about the circumstances surrounding Shawn Norman’s death and will not say if they have any suspects.

Pettis Norman said it doesn’t appear anyone forced their way into his daughter’s apartment and said police are searching for surveillance video to see who could’ve entered the building around the time of her death.

Norman said he’s choosing not to be angry, instead focus on what possible facts he can gather to move forward.

"So I’m not angry. Obviously I’m very hurt my daughter’s not here, but there’s no need for me to be angry because that’s not going to solve the problem," he said.

Anyone with information is ask to call Dallas police.

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