De La Salle Football Team's Storied History to Hit Big Screen

As the De La Salle High School football team prepares for the lights of Friday night, the national spotlight is shining on the program.

"Little bit of pride I suppose, it means I did something right or we've done something right," said Bob Ladouceur, who previously served as the team's head coach.

Ladouceur coached the team to 151 consecutive wins over a 12-year period.

The program won multiple state and national titles. Now, the program is set to receive even more recognition with a movie about the team and school called, "When The Game Stands Tall." The film opens nationwide on Friday.

"It's just kind of a good story to tell and what's possible with youth," Ladouceur said.

Ladouceur is played by actor Jim Caviezel in the movie which profiles the 2004 season.

During that time, the team finally lost a game, but more importantly lost star player Terrance Kelly who was shot and killed.

"Had a really tough time getting that team started, we overcame a lot of adversity and that's basically what the film is about and overcoming obstacles too," Ladouceur said.

Junior quarterback Anthony Sweeney says he feels honored the school is being featured.

"Crazy in a sense that it's such a privilege just there's so much history behind this school," Sweeney said. "So much camaraderie between the years, past years, everything."

Current head coach Justin Alumbaugh said the team is staying focused.

"You could see it as excitement or a distraction, it's certainly adding a new element to our team," Alumbaugh said. "It's pretty exciting to have your school have a movie about it."

The team's first game is next Friday. Everyone on the team said they'll be ready when the stadium and Hollywood lights come on.

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