Apple Exec Eddie Cue Says He Didn't Yell at Rihanna to ‘Sit Down' During Game 1 of NBA Finals

Cue sent out a tweet Friday morning: "Nothing but love for Rihanna"

It’s the gesture being tweeted around the world.

Apple executive Eddy Cue, senior VP of content, seemingly telling music superstar Rihanna to sit down at Thursday’s Warrior game.

Reaction has been swift: Rihanna fans tweeting at Cue and Apple, demanding an apology, calling him out as a rude boy.

Is Cue unfaithful to one of Dub Nation’s most famous fans?

Can Apple possibly have a big enough umbrella to shield him from all this criticism?

Rihanna, it turns out, can be a very distracting person.

Press reports have Warrior superstar Kevin Durant trying to get her attention during the game, and then there’s the gif of Cue possibly telling her to get back to her seat.

According to another tweet, Apple says Cue was actually gesturing to someone else sitting nearby.

Cue sent out a tweet Friday morning: "Nothing but love for Rihanna (and KD, too!) As usual I was excited about our lead and actually talking to Marissa, 8 seats to my right."

As if the NBA championship didn’t already have enough drama.

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