Giants Reportedly Get Rowdy in D.C.

The Giants are known for being lovable, zany guys. But part of being lovable and zany is being a touch "over the top."

And unfortunately, that over-the-top attitude that comes from members of SF roster might have taken an awkward turn on Sunday, when members of the team went to see a Capitals/Lightning NHL playoff game at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

According to Deadspin, there are multiple reports about Aubrey Huff and a few other Giants sparring verbally with various Washington fans.

Huff, of course, played in Tampa Bay for a long time and is therefore probably a Lightning fan. Pat Burrell, well, maybe not so much ...

The report originates from, and it's simply a single-person narrative about sitting in the luxury suite next to Huff, Brian Wilson, Burrell and a few others. (There's some salty language, so be warned if you click through.)

Huff is the only one that the site was being potentially rude to fans; Wilson was apparently "cracking people up all night long" and Emmanuel Burriss "couldn't have been nicer."

Deadspin cites a second reader who sends in visual proof of the Giants at the game (or, a VERY good Wilson look-a-like with similar fashion taste) and offers a different take: perhaps the Caps fans are the ones who started things.

"This game is so boring I'd rather watch the Nationals beat the hell out of a crappy team," a fan apparently said to the Giants.

Naturally, this went over about as well as reminding a Giants fan about the time the team traded for A.J. Pierzynski.

Huff and Wilson allegedly got involved with a little trash-talking, but eventually things calmed down, and apparently everyone "made nice."

So, it looks like no-harm, no-foul and Huff and the rest of the Giants are likely to be welcome in the Verizon Center going forward.

Although we might have a better idea if that's the truth the first time Huff comes to bat on Monday night in D.C.

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