Dodgers Hire Ex-LAPD Chief for Security Consult

The Dodgers received a lot of criticism over their security measures -- including from yours truly -- in the wake of the attack on Bryan Stow. Fortunately, they're at least making a public effort to remedy that problem, by hiring former a Former Los Angeles Police Department chief to consult on their current security.

Bill Bratton, Kroll Chairman and former LAPD  Police Chief, was hired on Wednesday, the team announced in a press release.

"Bill Bratton is widely credited with spearheading modern community policing in America," Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said in a statement released by the team. "There is no one better to lead a top-to-bottom review of our current practices and make recommendations to be implemented now and into the future."

Consulting is a good first step because it means the Dodgers are at least admitting they might have a problem. But what's critical is whether or not they actually implement changes to fix said problems. Deciding whether or not to do so will likely be Bratton's job.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to return to Los Angeles to consult with the Dodger organization on the security posture at Dodger Stadium," said Bratton. "We will take a full and comprehensive look at security procedures and processes, and make recommendations based on our findings."

Look, If a Giants fan can get attacked in a parking lot because he's wearing opposing team colors and no one's around to watch, they have a problem. It's kind of cut-and-dry. (No, we will not accept a "rival gang color" argument as to why someone wearing Giants gear would be attacked either.)

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt didn't exactly admit he had a problem when he was initially discussing the Stow attack but, for whatever reason, he appears to have come around to the idea that beefing up the security around Dodger Stadium is something that's necessary.

Even if that reason is public pressure, well, that's fine. Just make it happen, captain. Er, chief.

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