Draymond Green Agrees to Plea Deal on Assault Charge

Draymond Green's criminal case for allegedly slapping a man outside a bar in East Lansing, Michigan finalized Friday, with Green reaching a plea deal, according to his attorney. 

According to the deal, penalties for the Warriors power forward will include a $500 fine, a $60 jail restitution and a conditional reduction of the assault charge to a civil infraction, requiring Green to steer clear of criminal offenses and to stay away from the victim. 

"Unless there is a violation of the conditions, this concludes the case and any subsequent court dates," said David Meyers, a representative from McGinty Law Firm, who represents Green. 

The fan-favorite NBA player, 26, faced a maximum 90-day-jail sentence for allegedly giving an open-handed slap to a former Michigan State football player, Jermaine Edmondson, on July 10. At the time of his arrest, Green had a blood alcohol level of .10. It's rumored that Edmondson and Green had gotten into a verbal spat regarding the NBA Finals, which the Warriors lost in Game 7 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

According to a police report, Green said "he was sorry" at the time of his arrest and sought "to make things right." 

Green, who is an alumni of Michigan State, is a familiar face in East Lansing and has donated frequently to the university. He will now have to schedule another pretrial conference and then attend mandatory jury selection.  

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