Brendan Weber

‘Don't Seem to Be the Sharpest People': Draymond Green Calls Out Cleveland

As if Draymond Green didn't have enough enemies in Cleveland, he certainly added a few more after uttering some choice comments in the direction of Cavaliers supporters.

When asked by reporters about his third quarter ejection in Game 4 of the NBA Finals that actually wasn't because of a mishap between the referees and the scorer's table, Green took aim.

"No, I don't really pay no much attention," he said. "I don't pay much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly. They don't seem to be the sharpest people around. So, that's, yeah, whatever."

The wildly combative and fiery game had 51 personal fouls, seven technical fouls, one flagrant foul and a number of dust-ups. The feisty contest reached a head in the third quarter when it appeared as though Green committed his second technical foul, which would have booted him from the game. However, a scoring error in the first half incorrectly gave Green a technical foul when it was actually meant for Golden State head coach Steve Kerr.

Needless to say, Green was not afraid to call out the referees and overall game officiating that got out of hand. The lack of control was highlighted by barking between Kevin Durant and LeBron James after Durant suffered a knock to the head from Kevin Love, an exchange after Zaza Pachulia appeared to land a groin shot on Iman Shumpert, and both sides' constant displeasure with foul calls.

“When we’re tied up, what can we do?" Green told reporters after the game. "How can we play physical with some of the stuff going on out there tonight? Give credit to Kyrie [Irving] and [LeBron James], they played like the stars that they are. Those guys wanted it. There was more going on out there. If we wanted to play more physical, how could we?”

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