Dusty Benches Rolen; Bochy Puts Posey at First

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Wednesday's NLDS Game 4 will feature somewhat surprisingly different lineups for both the Giants and  Reds, though it's important not to read too much into the changes.

For instance: Scott Rolen, who booted the ball that allowed the Giants to score the game-winning run on Tuesday, isn't starting at third base on Wednesday per C. Trent Rosencrans of CBSSports.com. Todd Frazier will get the start at third instead.

And Ryan Hanigan, who had a ball pass him that set up the game-winning run, won't catch, with Dioner Navarro getting the nod behind the plate. Dusty Baker said that neither move corresponded to the mistakes that were made on Tuesday night.

"This is the same thing I've been doing all year long," Baker said.

Baker's actually right: Hanigan only caught two of Mike Leake's starts all season, and Rolen, who is 37, sits out day games following night games.

Bruce Bochy is following a similar path with his lineup decisions, putting Hector Sanchez behind the plate to catch Barry Zito, and plugging Buster Posey in at first base.

Asked about the success that his team's had against Leake this season, Bochy said he wasn't sweating the precise numbers that much.

"I don't know what numbers mean right now, to be honest," Bochy said Wednesday. "History has shown guys come out of the woodwork to win a ball game. It's a different type of pressure and some guys handle it better than others."

Brandon Belt, who sits for Posey, has traditionally struggled against Leake, and hasn't hit the ball well in the NLDS. He'll likely see some at-bats in pinch-hitting form, though.

Regardless of what the managers intend on their lineups, though, you can bet their moves will be scrutinized as the game plays out.

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