Dutch Speed Skater Flips the Bird After Losing Race

The latest athlete who could use a lesson at charm school is a Dutch speed skater who flipped off his rival.

Sjinkie Knegt was disqualified from individual events at a competition in Germany after he gave Olympic gold medalist Viktor Ahn of Russia a middle finger salute with both hands. 

Ahn beat Knegt, capturing first place for his team in the men's 5000 meter relay final this weekend at the ISU European Short Track Speed Skating Championships, which took place in Dresden.

While Ahn raised his hands with his index fingers in the air to celebrate Russia's win, Knegt was right behind him, flipping the bird with both hands, The Independent first reported.

The obscene gesture earned Knegt a red card and was captured by an Agence France-Presse photographer. The photo is making its round on news sites and social media.

Knegt lost out on a shot at overall third place as a result of his disqualification, according to an ISU European Short Track Speed Skating Championships spokesperson.

Knegt wasn't the only athlete making headlines this weekend for his display of questionable sportsmanship. The Seahawks' cornerback Richard Sherman went on a rant against a competitor that was captured on-camera after his team beat the 49ers in the NFC's championship game.

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