ESPN 3D Continues to Tank in Its First Year, No One Is Surprised

Gee I wonder why ESPN 3D is not making any money at all. Could it be that hardly anyone has a 3DTV? Perhaps it's because no one wants to wear those silly glasses after all? How about how expensive it is just to get a 3D rig up and running?

ESPN says that it isn't making any money on its ESPN 3D channel. Guess even sports buffs who will buy the newest TVs for things like a Super Bowl party can't even save 3D TV. The sports channel is already half way through its first year trial for 3D sports programming and its Senior Director of Technology, Jonathan Pannaman is worried.

"We're still not sure what makes sense for 3DTV," said Pannaman.

What can we take from all this? It's that 3DTV is tanking because it's our fault. Other than the handful of early adopters, the rest of us just aren't jumping onto the 3DTV bandwagon. A number of factors will continue to hold 3DTV programming back aside from the ones we already mentioned earlier. It really comes down to cost. 3DTV's are expensive — in some cases three to four times more than a regular one. Throw in a few pairs of 3D glasses and then the cost to view 3D content and it's a no brainer as to why ESPN 3D is seeing no returns on its investment. Consumers see 3D, but are choosing to give it a big "meh."

Despite ESPN 3D flopping, it appears EPSN is preparing another year of 3D sports for 2011. Okay, but don't say we told didn't tell you so if it ends up being uncared for again.

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