ESPN Reporting Raiders Have Hired Coach

ESPN is reporting -- so you know that it must be true -- that interim coach Tom Cable has been offered the head coaching job for keeps.

Terms and length of contract are not mentioned in the report. ESPN had better hope they have it right here, or else The Worldwide Leader is in for the patented Al Davis serious overhead projector scolding.

ESPN's Mortenson was already burned just last week on a story alleging Davis was willing to sell an ownership stake in the team. Davis was so irate over it he burst from his sarcophagus and breathed snakes at them until Mortenson issued an apology.

Cable won two straight to close out the season, and made it clear that he'd shoot his Aunt Tilly to keep this job. If ESPN's report is accurate, it sheds light on what might have actually been a sensible hiring process.

Hiring offensive and defensive coordinators without a head coach in place looked insane, but Cable may have already been decided upon and influencing the process as a stealth coach.

The players like him and have lobbied for him, but they always do that unless the coach's name is Joe Bugel. He can work with Al Davis, which most importantly might mean being able to keep a secret.

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