Ex-Fiancée of Former 49ers Player Ray McDonald Breaks Silence After Releasing Video of Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

The ex-fiancée of Ray McDonald is breaking her silence the day after the public release of a video appearing to show the former San Francisco 49ers player charging at her and their baby.

The woman wishes to go solely by the name "Kendra."

On Wednesday, NBC Bay Area aired cell phone video shot in May 2015 by 'Kendra'. The same video was shown in a domestic violence grand jury hearing in Santa Clara County.

McDonald was ultimately not indicted on any domestic violence charge in that specific case, but still faces other legal charges, including violation of a domestic violence restraining order as well as a separate rape allegation involving another woman.

Kendra and McDonald are also in the midst of a child custody proceeding involving their 20-month-old child.

On Thursday, Kendra did her first on-camera interview with NBC Bay Area and talked about her feelings of being, as she put it, shunned by the court system, the National Football League, as well as the 49ers organization.

Kendra said she decided, reluctantly, to speak out to protect herself and their baby. She also says she hopes her story will "help other potential victims of domestic violence."

"It's tough to speak out," Kendra said at the home office of her attorney Thursday morning. "But to victims I'd say 'speak up. Have a voice. Speak up for what's right.' I think as a group if we can come together, we're more powerful."

Kendra said the video released Wednesday is just a snap shot.

"The video is just part of the night and it does not record the whole thing," she said. "It shuts off at a point, but there were a lot of physical abuse, emotional and verbal."

Kendra also described her early days with McDonald as "happy."

"It's hard to see 'red flags' when you're in love," she said.

Kendra claimed she first saw flashes of a bad temper, which she said led to verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

Kendra also said she made it more difficult for herself by "covering up for his actions."

"It was definitely used against me later on and hurt me in the end," Kendra said.

Wiping tears away, she also said it was difficult to deal with being abandoned by friends and taking insults and abuse from 49ers fans.

Kendra said she still held out hope for the relationship until his arrest for sexual assault against another woman.

Kendra said she not only hopes speaking out will help other possible victims, but also McDonald as well.

"I've always wanted him to be what I know he's capable of being," Kendra said. "It's just a matter of him wanting to do it himself."

NBC Bay Area has reached out to McDonald's attorney, but have not heard back.

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