Ex-Warrior Harrington: “Nellie's a Gangsta.”

The war of words between ex-Warrior Al Harrington and his coach Don Nelson is back under way. And this time, it involves street vernacular that the 68-year-old coach possibly won't understand.

In remarks amplified by Hoopsworld, Harrington told reporters earlier this week that,  "Nellie's a gangsta. He just does whatever he wants."

Coach Nelson has been called many things, but surely this is the first time the scotch-swilling, grandfather of two has been referred to as a "gangsta." In regards to doing "whatever he wants," that may be true. But Don Nelson "doing whetever he wants" involves games off and afternoon naps, not "gangsta" things like ordering executions or obstructing police investigations.

Harrington wasn't done with Nelson yet, and compared Nelson negatively to Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart. "Coach Smart, I think he would've been a great coach there when they had a chance to make a change," Harrington continued, "Guys were really looking forward to getting to play for him if Nellie did step down."

This little swipe may likely have been inspired by Nelson's far more clever and accurate snap-down shortly before the Warriors traded Harrington to the Knicks.  Days before the trade, when asked Nelson about Harrington's situation, Nelson told ESPN.com that, "He thinks he's a superstar. I think he's a very good player."

It's not the first time Harrington has lunged a shot at Nelson since being traded. A little over a month ago, Harrington told the Mercury News' Tim Kawakami that Nelson's "been known to, you know, ruin guys' careers."

When not ripping his former coach in the newspapers, Harrington has spent much of his four months with the Knicks costing his team games with technical fouls. Twice in two months, Harrington celebrated what he thought was a game-winning slam dunk by hanging from the rim by both hands. And both times, he was called with a technical foul in eventual losses to the Clippers.

Now THAT's gangsta!

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who never, ever hangs from the rim after a dunk. Because he is not capable of dunking.

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