Barry Bonds Thinks He Would Be Good at Teaching Young Men Lessons About Life

If there's one thing someone like Barry Bonds (or, say, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro or Paul Lo Duca, to name a few) should never, ever, ever, ever be give the authority to do, it is influence young, impressionable baseball playing men.

But Barry, via LBS, thinks for some reason, should be decide to actually give up the pipe dream of getting another gig with a baseball team, that he might want to become a coach of a college baseball team. And he told the public this at the Giants 50th anniversary celebration (seen above).

I think the best position for me would probably be in a college - that's how I feel. I'd rather teach kids what they want to do and what to do to get to the major leagues. I see myself doing something like that moreso than doing something in the major leagues if that time comes for me to make that decision.

Yeah. And maybe Jeffrey Dahmer should have gotten a job with Emeril or Jesse James with BB&T. All seem like logical choices, historical hindsight be damned.

Then again, Barry Lamar is a pretty damn good hitter and if he has somehow managed to learn his lesson about bending the rules to get ahead, then he could prove a pretty good physical and moral mentor to students. But for the moment, well, maybe we should hold off on that.

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