Condoleezza Rice, Obviously Qualified, Could Be Interested in 49ers Front Office Job

The 49ers canned head coach Mike Nolan on Monday, and apparently, it's just the beginning of a front office overhaul. The club managed just 18 wins in 55 games, and were 2-5 this season. That, along with 2005 first-overall pick Alex Smith's glacial development had just about everything to do with Nolan's current status.

But this morning, NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might be interested in a job with the 49ers in the near future.

"We all know that change has swept through San Francisco, but now it looks like more could be coming. The 49ers have said they're in the market for a front-office type of executive -- a president.

And interestingly enough ... Condoleezza Rice has told people that she would like to become president of a football team. So, she's headed to be out in California in January, the two sides could wind up speaking. The 49ers told me this week they are definitely interested in speaking to ... Rice about taking on a president-type of role within the organization; a lot of people feel she could be very instrumental in procuring a new stadium for the ... 49ers."

Yes, because a new stadium will solve the team's inability to win games. Look, I know Rice is a huge sports fan, but why exactly is she qualified for the job? Oh, right, because she was so effective as National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State.

The absurdity of it all naturally results in Warren Sapp providing a not completely insane observation: "The multi-tasking didn't work in Washington so maybe the single-tasking will work in San Francisco."

Really, I can't see how this might end badly.

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