Detroit Lions Getting Better, Trail 49ers 21-3; Matt Millen Signs 10-Year Contract Extension

Remember last week, how I noted that the Detroit Lions had developed a new habit of falling behind 21-0 at the start of games?

Well, I've got good news, Detroit fans: The Lions are getting better. Instead of falling behind 21-0 at the start of games, they're down just 21-3 right now, in the second quarter of their game at the San Francisco 49ers. At this rate, the Lions should be playing competitive football some time around Week 16.

And, of course, while I'm kidding about Lions President Matt Millen signing a 10-year contract extension, it actually would make perfect sense: Millen says the Lions simply need to stay the course, and Lions owner William Clay Ford has made clear that he has complete confidence in Millen's leadership. This team will be this terrible as long as Ford is alive.

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