Jeremy Roenick Calls Out Sidney Crosby

It must be an amazing time to be a beat reporter for the San Jose Sharks. You walk into a locker room that houses not only the best team in the Western Conference, but also the personalities of Claude Lemieux, Rob Blake and Jeremy Roenick. It's like your story is practically written for you.

Today is a great example as Mark Emmons of the Mercury News gives us this priceless quote from Roenick on the Penguins' Sidney Crosby. Roenick's always been a straight-shooter, and he doesn't hesitate in going after the league's golden boy.

"I see too many kids going the wrong way," he said. "They don't have the respect or the know-how to treat the sport - even Sidney Crosby. You see him [expletive], whining and crying. He's supposed to be the poster boy of our league and yet every time he gets hit, he's grimacing and complaining to the referees. Veterans teach the kids the right way to play."

I'm not sure if Roenick is having a Clint Eastwood moment (think Gran Torino), but he might as well have added 'whippersnappers' and 'get off my lawn' for good measure. We can only hope that someway, somehow, Crosby fires back with some barbs of his own. It's highly unlikely, but think of the sheer entertainment of it all! And not to mention all of jobs that could be saved in the newspaper industry.

This isn't anything new for Roenick, though. As we all already know, he is always willing to dole out his opinions. All you need to do is ask.

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