Mike Singletary Would Like Vernon Davis to Know He Is No Softy as a Head Coach

Mike Singletary lost his home coaching debut today, to the tune of a 34-13 blasting at the hands of a horrible Seattle Seahawks. Oh yes, and he has to deal with Vernon Davis, who is generally hated by every single fantasy owner who has reached on him over the past three years.

And, of course, the 49ers, who appear to have wasted more of a draft pick on him than even Alex Smith. So it shouldn't be that shocking that Singletary decided to send him to the showers 10 minutes early and then call ole' VD out after the game.

Yeah. That's pretty intense -- not Mike Gundy intense, but still kind of psychotically awesome. And frankly, I totally back what Singletary is doing here; if I got Vernon in a room alone, or even 10 minutes in front of a podium after starting him for another week, I'd probably say the same thing.

Now, of course Singletary also knows that if he wants a shot at being the head coach of the Niners next year, he needs to make a pretty strong impression on the team and ownership. I'd say he got off to a good start today.

Via FanIQ (I presume)

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