NBA Essentials: Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Gets Rowdy?

Dan Gilbert
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-- "In an event that took place Saturday night, a Bar Mitzvah that featured T.I. as a performer and Dwayne Wade as a guest, it's being reported that fisticuffs broke out. Not between the Hip-Hop artist or his crew, or Dwayne Wade and his associates, but between Cleveland Cavalier's owner Dan Gilbert and former Rock Financial honcho David Hall." --

"(Sacramento) is the worst team and being here you find out why... There are many young guys that want to find their niche, but they are so far away... There's no chemistry or teamwork. I can't see how this team could be competitive in the near future in the West... The draft is going to save no one." -- Andres Nocioni in Olé, as translated by HoopsHype

"[Nene] head butted me, and I guess they didn't see that," Amundson said. "So when he hit me, and I went to the ground, it was a little bit of a flop. But after the head butt, I figured that was the only way to draw attention to what was going on." [...] "I think he's a fake, tough guy,'' said Amundson, a three-year veteran from UNLV. "He's going to pick on me. I'm just playing hard, and he's going to head butt me and do dirty stuff to me." -- Louis Amundson,

-- "But now [Stephen Jackson] has an appointment in Houston on Friday to get his toe checked out. He'll play Wednesday night in Dallas (you know he's not missing a showdown with Dirk) and then he's going get his toe examined by the Houston Rockets doctor. [...] He said he's going to stay in Houston until it's figured out. He is dead set on making sure he comes into training camp with this behind him. I would not be surprised if he's done for the season." -- Marcus Thompson, Contra Costa Times

-- "Why is it that sleazy guys can get away with things, while good guys fall faster and harder than anyone else? That's what made the Kobe story such a bombshell -- he'd been presented as this squeaky-clean, sponsor magnet, poised and well-spoken, and then everyone panicked when he proved to be kind of nuts and scary. So with Bosh, what if one of the league's most affable, relaxed personalities turns out to be awful with family issues? Naturally, the two opposites collide and the world ends. That we can't accept that good guys might have some negative impulses says more about us than it does the players." -- Bethlehem Shoals, The Sporting Blog

-- "SI is out with a new NBA player poll: Which opposing NBA player would you most like on your team. [...] #2 is Kobe Bryant, at 13%. The funny thing is, if you click the image above, you'll see that Kobe finished 3rd in the "which player would you LEAST want on your team." NBA players can't even figure out what to think about that guy."

Also: Steve Nash gets political on Twitter, Rick Carlisle with an important message, and more amazing commercials happening.

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