Raiders Players Want Out, Conclude That Organization Is Insane Asylum

The entire Raiders organization could stand an intervention. Hardly news, I know, just reiterating the obvious after the latest from's Adam Schefter. He reports that things are so unbearable in Oakland that players are actively seeking to get DeAngelo-ed.

Players in Oakland are so unhappy with the environment, the losing, the instability, that many would prefer to leave. This is not entirely uncommon around a losing team, but it is more extreme in Oakland than anywhere else.

It is thought to be one reason that Nnamdi Asomugha has been so apprehensive about signing a long-term extension with Oakland, why free-agent acquisition Gibril Wilson would welcome the opportunity to get to choose a new team again, why Walker considered leaving last summer.

Fact: It has gotten so bleak that, just this past week, at least one prominent player actually considered quitting, taking a leave of absence, just because he feels like he cannot take it anymore. He wound up not doing it, but chances are he is hardly the only Raider thinking it.

It's worse than we thought, which seems impossible, frankly, when talking about the circus freaks masquerading as Raiders front office types. Earlier in the week, I mentioned Asomugha's reluctance to sign a long-term deal but that'll probably just lead to him getting re-franchised. Assuming, of course, the Prince of Darkness didn't come back for the Raiders before then.

In the wake of DeAngelo Hall's inglorious exit from the team, there had been rumors that it was just the beginning of a roster purge. But here's the thing: who's going to want to play in Oakland? I mean, Hall says he regrets signing a seven-year, $70 million two months after doing it because the organization is so dysfunctional (of course, Hall also got $8 million for eight weeks of getting torched, so maybe he's not the most reliable source).

Sure, there will always be players looking for work; but stocking the roster full of undrafted free agents and veteran castoffs isn't exactly a blueprint for building a winning franchise. Sorta like now, I guess, except with a much lower payroll. Glass half full, people.

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