Report: Feds Have Positive Urine Test From Barry Bonds

You may remember back in 2001 when Barry Bonds was in the midst of his chase of the single-season home run record, there was a lot of talk about his possible steroid use. (If you don't remember, then how was your trip to Antarctica, anyway?) There was also a quote from Bonds at the time in which he said that baseball could test him every day and he'd never test positive. Of course, considering that we sit here eight years later and there still isn't a reliable test for HGH, that doesn't exactly say much.

What does say something is a report that appeared in the New York Times early Thursday morning. In what could be an incredibly big blow to his defense in his upcoming perjury trial, the paper is saying that authorities have some urine samples from Bonds that tested positive for steroids.

A person who has reviewed the evidence said that the authorities detected anabolic steroids in urine samples linked to Bonds that they gathered in connection with their investigation. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The evidence could be significant because questions have been raised about whether the "clear," which like the "cream" was created to avoid detection in drug tests, was technically a steroid under federal law when Bonds testified before a federal grand jury in November 2003.

So while Bonds may have dodged a bullet with the clear not being considered a steroid at the time he was allegedly using it, this will be a little harder to explain. After all, Bonds is going to trial on charges of perjury because he told a grand jury in 2003 that not only had he never taken the cream or the clear, but that he had never taken any other steroid of any kind.

A positive urine test would say otherwise, which would mean that Barry lied to the grand jury. Now, I'm not some fancy pants lawyer, but I'm pretty sure getting caught lying is never a good thing when you're facing perjury charges.

Also, to make matters worse for Bonds, the FBI stormed into the home of his former trainerGreg Anderson's mother-in-law. While there's no way of knowing whether they found any incriminating evidence in the raid, it's just as likely that they weren't even looking for any in the first place.

Odds are they're just trying to make Anderson's life a living hell so they can get him to testify against Bonds in their case against them.

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