Rook Check: Anthony Morrow Lights Up the Clippers for 37 and 11

Rook Ch eck takes a look at the progress of NBA Rookies throughout the season.

Baron Davis

Warriors' rookie Anthony Morrow got his first career NBA start, and made the absolute most of the opportunity. He scored 37 points on 15-for-20 shooting, and also grabbed 11 rebounds. Morrow was an undrafted free agent, and was signed by the Warriors after playing well for them during Summer League.

If you had never heard of Morrow before yesterday, don't worry: neither had Baron Davis, who praised Morrow's amazing performance afterward:

"Oh my God, who was that guy?" Davis said. "He just came out of nowhere. We had watched him and coach told us he can shoot. But he's just one of those guys. Nellie keeps guys like that on his team, and when he got the confidence to score, he got hot. He got hot. He got hot. He couldn't miss."

While Morrow was on fire against the Clippers, he'll likely face a tougher challenge when being defended by ... oh, just about anybody else. The Clips have a habit of allowing a guard on the opposing team to go off; Beno Udrih torched them for 30 the game before during the Clippers' loss to the Kings. Still, that was an exciting first start for Morrow, and he'll get his chance to prove it wasn't a fluke this Tuesday when the Warriors host the Blazers.

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