Stats Inc. Confirms What Most of Us Already Know: DeAngelo Hall Stinks at His Job

By most accounts, DeAngelo Hall is a loud-mouthed jerk, and not only that, he's awful at his job.

Apparently, neither mattered to Al Davis, who traded a second- and fifth-round pick to acquire Hall, and then signed him to a seven-year, $70 million contract.

That lasted eight weeks, which, generally, is how long it takes the blatantly obvious to dawn on the Raiders organization. Davis kindly sent Hall on his way, but not before having to pay him $8 million for one being the NFL's worst cornerback. I'm not exaggerating. Just ask the all-knowing Peter King:

Stats Inc. came up with this illuminating stat about Hall's horrid play so far: He surrendered 40 receptions for 556 yards this year, more receiving yards than any other cornerback allowed through nine weeks.

Part of that is because his counterpart, Nnamdi Asomugha, is so good and quarterbacks don't want to throw at his side. But Hall cost the Raiders second- and fifth-round picks last April, and then this big cap hit for eight lousy games. For a guy who made Oakland give up so much, Hall, you'd think, would at least be competent.

Yes, you would. But you'd also think the Raiders would actually think to evaluate a player before signing him to a lucrative deal. Especially a guy who was a bigger embarrassment on the field than off, which, given his history, ain't easy to pull off.

Whatever, I suppose congratulations are in order for Redskins owner Dan Snyder for landing the mercurial no-talent. If nothing else, Hall's on-field inadequacies should take some of the focus off Carlos Rogers and his cement patties he's taken to calling his hands.

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