Field Hockey Woes Could Land UC Berkeley In Lawsuit

Construction has kicked the field hockey team off of campus

The field hockey team is homeless.

And that means that UC Berkeley could be dealing with a lawsuit soon.

Cal's field hockey program is playing all of its games on the road and is practicing twice a week -- across the Bay at Stanford University, no less -- while its facility undergoes construction.

The team used to practice and play on a field near Memorial Stadium. 

That breaks a promise from the university, who said they'd get an on-campus practice field this year.

And worse, their old field at Maxwell Family Field will be converted into a practice field for the football team next year, meaning road games for all of 2015 as well, according to Bay Area News Group.

That's a raw deal, according to a group of players who are now exploring filing a Title IX lawsuit against the school, the news agency reported.

Equal Rights Advocates, a San Francisco law firm that "specializes in fighting for women's rights," has been hired by three team members who say that the practice situation is screwing up their academic schedules and delaying graduation.

It appears only the field hockey team, which is women's-only, is on the road. Other teams temporarily displaced, like diving, have been promised permanent homes on the UC Berkeley campus.

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