Film Review: ‘Red, Red, Red, Red, Red! — Guarding Klay Thompson Would Be a Nightmare

Bryn Forbes' face in the photo above says it all.

It would not be fun to get the Klay Thompson assignment.

The guy never stops moving. On multiple occasions this season, Steve Kerr has referred to the shooting guard as a "machine."

Klay is practically indefatigable. 

Let's go through a series of clips from Game 2 against the Spurs, highlighting why guarding the four-time All-Star would be a nightmare.

1) Klay hits a baseline jumper to make it 20-19 Spurs. Pay attention to how Klay immediately sprints to the corner once he passes the ball to Shaun Livingston. Manu Ginobili stops moving for a second, and it costs him.

2) Klay doesn't even get a shot here, but he struck fear in the Spurs defense. Listen to Danny Green -- who lost contact with Klay -- yell out "Red, red, red, red, red, red!" to let Forbes know that he needs help.

3) Does anybody have a quicker release? Klay drills this 3-pointer off a simple pindown screen. It prompts the following commentary:

-Bob Fitzgerald: "Klay Thompson, barely in his hands, and right in the bucket."
-Jim Barnett: "What focus that takes -- everybody is scrambling, people are almost falling into him underneath his legs -- and he still knocks it down."

4) Patty Mills starts on him, but Klay breaks free. He recognizes that LaMarcus Aldridge is guarding him (for a split second Aldridge tries to switch on to a nearby Kevin Durant), and pops out to the opposite wing. Aldridge has no chance to stay in front of Klay, who drives and finishes off the glass with his left hand.

5) This one might be my favorite, and Klay isn't the one who scores. It starts with Klay and Quinn Cook working on a dance routine underneath the basket, and ends with Klay catching on the wing, driving on Green and dropping a dime to Draymond for the layup (In addition to scoring 31 points, Klay dished out five assists).

6) A fadeaway baseline jumper with multiple guys contesting? Sure. Why not (there's nothing Mills can do to stop this).

"He's smarter than he's ever been," Steve Kerr said of Klay after practice on Sunday. "He's right in his prime physically and mentally."

The scary part is that he's only 28 years old.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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